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The mission of the Division of Environment (DOE) is the protection of the public health and environment. The Division conducts regulatory programs involving public water supplies, industrial discharges, wastewater treatment systems, solid waste landfills, hazardous waste, air emissions, radioactive materials, asbestos removal, refined petroleum storage tanks, and other sources which impact the environment. In addition, the Division administers other programs to remediate contamination, lessen nonpoint pollution, and evaluate environmental conditions across the state.


The DOE works vigorously with operators to achieve compliance with state and federal environmental statutes and regulations. The regulatory programs rely upon compliance inspections and monitoring to determine compliance. The Division also conducts financial or technical assistance programs such as the Wastewater Revolving Loan Fund and the Pollution Prevention Program to assist the regulated community.

Operators often correct compliance problems quickly and effectively; however, there are some instances in which the Division must issue administrative orders and fines. The agency's appeals section handles administrative appeals. Some cases are eventually resolved in state or federal district court.

DOE works to reduce pollution by increasing access to the Division's programs, strengthening the district offices, and providing information to the regulated community and the public at large. Notable examples are the annual state pollution prevention conference, responses to requests for information related to property transfers, and increased training for members of the regulated community.

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